Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Is It So Hard To Talk About This Stuff?

We have had several discussions over the past few weeks about getting people excited to increase their financial Wellbeing. We find ourselves often comparing and envying the success of the fitness center here at the Gallup riverfront office. There has really been a grassroots enthusiasm about getting physically fit here on campus.

talkingwithfriendsThere are many similarities between financial fitness and physical fitness. Things like creating accountability, routine, discipline etc. But one thing that does not cross over is the cultural stigma associated with talking about personal finances.

It’s pretty easy to notice someone who has lost a few pounds and say “Hey, you look great!” It’s not so easy to notice someone who is getting their finances in order.

People are more than willing to talk about how they have “fallen off the wagon” on their diet over the past few days,  but it’s not so easy to talk about blowing a couple hundred dollars on credit cards at the mall last weekend. There is just something taboo about discussing your finances. The truth is that just like exercising with a partner, you are far more likely to be successful if you have a partner keeping you accountable with your finances. And you know what? - It feels pretty darn good to have someone notice your success and pay a compliment.

How can we encourage this type of community? Ronny and I love being accountability partners with people and we have several relationships just like that. But we are only two guys, think about how powerful it will be when folks take it upon themselves to have financial accountability relationships with their friends and those friends have relationships with their friends, and on and on.

Getting inspired and equipped are the first steps to starting this trend.

We know a guy – Dave Ramsey, who has put together an inspiring and equipping class that can help get you started. It’s called Financial Peace University and we are going to offer it here. If you have a desire to go from good to great, get back on the path to financial freedom, or be an accountability partner you should sign up for this class.

It’s thirteen weeks, two hours one time a week, and costs $99. Here is a video preview of the class:

If you are interested contact us by sending an e-mail to or call us 402-938-6800.

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