Monday, April 2, 2012

Financial Tech Podcast 12: Investing 101, BrightScope, Money Desktop


What’s the latest happenings for Guide Rock and GFCU?

We have a learning series

                March 30th is our 3 class of 10

                Investment focused – entry level

                Tackle one topic each session

                Focus on an environment where questions are encouraged

You are welcome to come, just rsvp to so I know how many bagels to buy!


How do you know if an advisor or if a 401(k) plan is what they say they are?

You can look on the sec… but that is kind of cumbersome.

You can just trust that they are telling the truth.

Or there are a few companies that are emerging and trying to cast some clearer light on the issue

BrightScope is one of these – They rate 401(k), Give information on Advisors and firms

Another level of transparency

Free to consumers

Money Desk Top

New in April for our members

Cloud based financial account aggregator and budgeting tool

Integrates with GFCU and our on-line banking system

Neat new alternative others such as

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