Thursday, September 10, 2009

A CFO For Your Family

business man with a dollar symbolA Chief Financial Officer is the quarterback for the finances of a corporation, they oversee all aspects of the cash flow and reporting for the company. A great CFO pulls together a team of experts that each bring valuable assets to the group and then directs them to perform like the Boston Symphony. All the while this executive casts vision for the future and tweaks the financial approach for maximum performance.

I talk about it all the time, make savings automatic. If you make your savings automatic, you will be successful on your pilgrimage to financial freedom. So you do it, you are systematically investing and building wealth in the process. But as your wealth grows, things become more and more complex. It actually happens quicker than you might think. All of a sudden you are dealing with a CPA, a lawyer, an insurance agent and various other advisors and things are very complicated.

For most people thinking about juggling the advisors and monitoring investments simply takes time away from being able to enjoy life and have a few hobbies. After all, being able to enjoy life is the reason you started your savings pilgrimage in the first place. Right? A family CFO is the link that pulls all these complicated pieces together to make the symphony perform.

Carl Richards of writes about a family CFO:

Note that a Family CFO doesn’t face the same conflict of interest as most financial planners or brokers. This person isn’t focused on making a short-term sell, which may be driven in part by commissions on products and services you don’t really need. The best Family CFOs are paid a predetermined rate and receive compensation from only one source—you. There are no strings attached, no lurking fees. You control your financial relationship.

For your family CFO to truly be able to put together the best team, cast vision for your financial future and tweak your plan, you must have a relationship. It might be a little awkward at first but in the long run a solid relationship with your CFO will give you the ability to relax and let them take the reigns.

We started Guide Rock Capital Management because of a desire to continue to serve families with more than just banking products. We found that people came to us looking for recommendations and direction for their financial future. Often times we sent people to other advisors to help them with the needs we could not serve. How could we know what kind of service and the quality of the advise that our friends were getting? We focus our new business on providing the best service we know how and by building relationships. We put the same philosophy that we use in the credit union to work at Guide Rock, “relationships matter”. You do not have to be a credit union member to start a relationship with Guide Rock. In fact, if you would like to learn more about Guide Rock and our family CFO approach to financial planning please contact me. We would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you and start a relationship.imageContact us at: 402-938-6800

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