Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finding Satisfaction inside Your Means

Finding satisfaction in your life and in your finances is one of the biggest hurdles you must overcome to be financially free.
What is Satisfaction? Webster’s defines the word as “fulfillment of a need or want; a source or means of enjoyment.”
Think of a child at the store with mom or dad when they walk past the toy section. Immediately the child gets a glimpse of a new toy and starts the ‘I wants.’ Inevitably the parent gives in and buys the child a new toy. But what happens next time they walk past the toy aisle? It’s the same story, the child cries for a new toy – because she has not found fulfillment with the other toys in her life. How many times do we fall into this trap as adults?
“If I could only make $50,000 a year, then I would be set.” Then a few years later, “Okay, so I am making $50,000, but if I could only make $60,000 a year, then I would be really set.” And the cycle continues on and on. Many of us live in this rollercoaster for our entire lives never finding satisfaction, always looking for fulfillment from the next dollar. Maybe I could blame the American culture for pushing us to this mindset but that would not take ownership of the problem.
The bottom line is, if you enjoy life and find fulfillment with a modest income; when you earn more, you will continue to find satisfaction. However, if you cannot find satisfaction with modest means, no amount of money will drive you to a fulfilled life.
Where do you find satisfaction? What will you do to break the cycle and overcome the hurdle to achieve freedom?


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